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Excavation & Land Clearing

Unearth Potential: Premier Excavation Services

Top Excavating Contractor in Shelton, WA, and the Surrounding Areas

In the evolving landscape of Shelton, WA, and the surrounding areas, Ei. Kristyn & Son Construction, Inc. is your trusted excavating contractor, bringing over two decades of expertise. Our dedicated team specializes in excavation, from foundational digs to detailed grading, ensuring that every inch of your land is treated with precision and care. Every project begins with a vision, and we’re here to lay the groundwork, quite literally. With services tailored to cater to your specific needs, we not only prepare the ground for building but also ensure that everything from french drains to land clearing is handled seamlessly. The success of your construction starts from the ground up, and we guarantee that your land will be primed, prepped, and ready for whatever you envision.

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From Basic Clearing to Detailed Excavation

Unlock Land’s True Value

As the leading excavating contractor in and around Shelton, WA, we understand that every plot of land hides potential beneath its surface. Our specialized excavation services are designed to unveil that potential:

  • Excavation: Expertise that delves deep, ensuring safe and accurate digs.
  • Land Grading: Precision in every curve, leveling, and contouring to perfection.
  • French Drains: Effective drainage solutions tailored to protect and preserve.
  • Foundation Digging: Laying the groundwork for sturdy and lasting structures.
  • Site Preparation: A thorough process to make your land build-ready.
  • Land Clearing: Reclaiming land, making it pristine and project-ready.
  • Tree & Underbrush Clearing: Clean sweeps to ensure clarity and cleanliness.

Our reputation is built on the impeccable attention to detail and craftsmanship. With us, your land undergoes a transformative journey, from raw plots to sites of potential, awaiting the dreams you wish to construct upon them.